What is a lunar calendar and what is it for?

If you don't know what a lunar calendar is and how it works, here we will tell you. We also tell you what it is for and in what areas it is used.

May lunar calendar for haircutting and waxing

What are the best dates in May according to the lunar calendar to cut your hair or wax. The moon and its keys to having better hair.

Lunar Calendar and Easter

What is the reason why the dates of Holy Week are set with the lunar calendar? This is celebrated every year on the first new moon of spring.

Fertility according to the Moon

The woman has wondered if there is a time of greater fertility in her based on the lunar cycle and if there is and it is projected precisely on a lunar calendar.


Learn all about the crescent moon phase and how it influences terrestrial life to achieve many things and abundance in your life.

What phase of the moon is good for sowing?

Know which is the best moon for you to sow, based on the data of a scientific study in which the distinctions in the germination of the seeds were seen

Haircut according to the phases of the moon

The moon can influence our mood, hair and nail growth, ailments and the behavior of animals, among other things.